About Us.

DFW Constructors Holdings are 100% minority-owned commercial builders based in Mansfield, TX.

The commercial builders cater to architects, engineers, and commercial real estate developers and investors. Our clients can hire us for construction and preconstruction services, commercial renovations, and construction management, design, and build.

Our past clients include those from the medical and retail sectors as well as commercial developers. Every construction project we undertake is managed and handled by an experienced, talented, and qualified project management team.

We value the community, we serve and aim to create jobs by following community-based subcontracting practices. Our team consists of predominantly local subcontractors who have worked in the construction industry for several years handling and performing several tasks, from simple to complex.

Our work mostly entails planning, designing, and executing challenging construction and renovation projects in the commercial medical community.

We have established a reputation for delivering construction services that will maximize the dollar value of the project.

We work in partnership with our clients to build a solid and long-lasting relationship based on professionalism, trust, transparency, and technical competency. Our team has the shared goal of meeting our client’s needs by tailoring the project based on their preferences, requirements, and budget. You’re the visionary, while our task is to make your vision come true.

Our success lies in our necessity for constant communication throughout the construction project from start to end. If you require guidance at any stage of the construction project, we’re here to guide you. You can seek us out to provide you with efficient, dynamic, and precise solutions.

DFW Constructors Holdings has the skills and tools for providing a quality finished project on time. Whether you require ground-up, rebuilding, or renovation of health clinics, we’re up for it. We are completely qualified to tackle projects of all sizes and treat you and your project with the care and respect it deserves.

We have a proven track record in the communities that we build. Just ask our previous clients. If you want to partner with a construction company that prioritizes you and your project above all else, you’re looking at them.

Contact us today to set up an appointment for a consultation. We can work together to establish more health clinics and other facilities in the community.

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(817) 932.5512

K. Aubrey Hope, Managing Partner 1217 Remington Ranch Rd Mansfield, TX 76063